Regular skincare routine for anti-ageing

Regular skincare routine for anti-ageing

Hello to My Dear Customers,

Today I would like to talk about the importance of a regular skincare routine. It is important to cleanse and hydrate your face regularly that even the cheapest moisturiser will keep your skin looking younger for longer. The secret is to massage when you apply the products. The increased blood flow and the exercise of the face muscles will help to keep the skin firmer.

Following a regular routine with our products will also ensure you provide your skin with the essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Our approach is to provide as many active ingredients as possible in the right proportion to your skin. You just need to adjust the quantity of the products you apply according to your age and skin type.

Suggested routine twice daily:

  1. Start the day by cleansing with Klara’s micellar water, containing vitamins (C, B3), Witch Hazel extract and cucumber extract as a toner. This ensures cleansing, toning and provides water-soluble vitamins at the same time.

      2. You may find that after thorough cleansing with our micellar water, your                skin may get a bit dry, so apply a few drops of Klara’s Facial oil with                    retinol and gently massage. The Vitamin A derivative, retinol is oil soluble,            the Avocado oil and Squalene contain antioxidants and accelerate                        collagen metabolism. The few drops of dry oil condition the skin to absorb            the powerful active ingredients of Klara’s serum.

Facial oil with retinol      3. The serum contains peptides, vitamins, and Swiss apple stem cell                        extracts. The hyaluronic acid content helps to lock in the moisture. The                serum contains high concentrations of Vitamin C and Niacinamide                        trapped with lecithin micelles for deep skin absorption. If you have                        younger skin, you can stop the routine here and just apply the Blue Balm            before your make-up for the day. However, over 40, it is essential also to            apply moisturiser creams. Klara’s anti-wrinkle day cream and the night                cream contain hydrolysed collagen that is lost by ageing. Collagen is the              peptide that is a molecular spring providing elasticity.


I think everybody deserves this half an hour in the morning and evening to look beautiful for longer.

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These products, “Discovered by Nature – Enhanced by Science”, have been developed to get the maximum benefits from the active ingredients to keep you look younger for longer.

Best wishes and take care of yourself,


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