Look after your feet!!

Look after your feet!!


I am Dr Klara Valko, Founder of Klara SkinCare

I would like to draw your attention to the importance of looking after our feet, that we often neglect. My foot care products have been developed in a collaboration with Mrs Sangeeta Dahl, the podiatrist who owns the Walkwel clinics in Stevenage and Letchworth.

We teamed up to develop natural footcare products that fight against Athlete foot, callus, nail cracking and hard skin cracks on the heel. In my laboratory I have the equipment to analyse the formulations and Sangeeta has the patient volunteers to test them.


Our most popular and powerful product is KlaraNail, a nail nourishing oil which is sold in a dropper bottle (20 ml). The product contains Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil. These natural cold pressed plant oils have been used for centuries as antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial remedies. All three contain very similar scientifically proved active ingredients, such as Thymol, Saphrol, Terpinene, Limonen and Phellandrene. By using the maximum amount of each essential oils, we achieved triple concentration of the active ingredients, which has proved to be very helpful in Sangeeta’s clinic.

The Footspray oil is developed for young and old feet, and especially diabetic feet that tend to be dry and scaly. After spraying the feet daily and massaging your feet will become healthy and well moisturized and look gorgeous. This product contains Emu oil and Lemon Myrtle and has the same active ingredients as the Tea Tree oil but with a much more refreshing lemon smell.




The Klarasan Collagen Foot cream is prepared using the novel and trademarked technology used to improve the skin absorption of collagen. This cream softens hard skin on the feet turning it into healthy and live skin.


As a Formula Botanica graduate on stability testing, I am now working on my final project in the Organic Skincare Formulation course. This will be a botanical emulsion with urea and allantoin to prevent cracked heels which are very common in the later stages of life.

If you would like to participate in a trial, please send an email with your address and we shall send you a free 5 ml mini jar. In return we would ask you to fill in a survey questionnaire anonymously with your honest observations.

Best wishes and look after yourself!



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