Myth versus Reality - Green Mask Stick example

Myth versus Reality - Green Mask Stick example

Let’s start with an absolute fact: there are no miracle anti-wrinkle products that will reverse the ageing process and diminish wrinkles altogether.

There are lots of great proven benefits that skincare products can offer, such as:

  • temporarily firming your skin,
  • reducing pores size
  • covering or plumping up wrinkles
  • moisturising
  • improve barrier function and loss of water
  • protect against UV.

Here’s another fact: cosmetics and skin care products should not change skin physiology. This means that no medicinal claims should be made by companies producing and/or promoting skincare cream. It is sad that despite these facts, many products are advertised as ‘miracles’, defiantly halting your ageing process. 

A perfect example …

Have you seen the ‘miracle Green Mask Stick’? News of its amazing powers went viral after a ‘demonstration video’ showed how it removed blackheads. However, several YouTube influencers demonstrated that the stick had no effect whatsoever.

Sadly, the beauty industry is full of these miracle stories. Often these miracles come with a ridiculously high price tag.

What is the truth?

Some of the criticisms of miracle skincare products are as unfounded as the miracle claims themselves. So what can you believe?

Let's go back to the Green Mask Stick …

The critical YouTube influencers describe applying the green stick to the skin as a pleasant feeling. However, they suggest it does nothing for your skin, using photos to show that no miracle takes place … that no benefits were there. 

However, the reality is different. The Green Mask Stick contains kaolin which is a known adsorbent. Kaolin clay is a fine textured, highly adsorbent mineral compound. Kaolin clay in soap can absorb oil and water and has a gentle skin polishing property. The green tea extract and the Jojoba oil in the stick are also beneficial.

So ... the Green Mask Stick doesn’t perform miracles; however, it feels good and has the right ingredients to help your skin. Cosmetic scientists work hard to create products to help us feel better in our skin. Sadly, viral miracle product advertisements claiming false results reduce the credibility of the products. The Green Mask Stick is the perfect example of a good – but not miraculous – skincare product discredited by user reviews reacting to miracle claims.

Managing skincare expectations

It is obvious that a regularly cleansed, the well-moisturised face has fewer signs of ageing. The antioxidants that are in many cold-pressed plant oils prevent skin cell damage from UV rays and other pollutions.

Women have been using skin-brightening oil and botanical ingredients, such as rosehip oil or avocado oil, for a long time. Salicylic acid or the more aggressive hydroquinone also helps reduce age spots. However, they may also damage the skin cells. None of these ingredients will be able to make age spots disappear overnight. We must be realistic with the expectations of what cosmetic skincare products can do and what they cannot.

Skincare reality

At Klara Skincare, we don’t believe in miracle claims or hyped-up advertising. We are passionate about helping your skin look and feel great.

Our products are particularly good at nourishing mature skin by providing antioxidants, collagen peptides and vitamins alongside hydration. Ingredients used within our range of anti-wrinkle creams are proven to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. It fights against wrinkles and slows the ageing process through regular applications. This isn’t an outlandish claim … science and customer feedback back up our proven results.

You may also enjoy Klara’s Micellar Toner Cleanser, a refreshing cleanser that helps to reduce fine facial lines and dark circles around the eyes.  (Check out Klara’s neckline cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the neck.)

Everybody’s skin is different, and one formula may work better for you than others. It’s best to experiment, focusing on products targeting your own special skin problem. Pay attention to your own skin rather than advertising claims or influencer’s outrage. A great place to start is your product’s ingredients. There’ll be a fantastic skincare solution for you. Enjoy your journey of discovery!

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