Balms and Neckline creams

The Klara's Blue Balm should be applied on well-moisturised skin to cover, protect and provide healthy-looking nourished skin. The argan oil has anti-ageing properties, while the camellia seed oils provide vitamins and nourishment to the skin. The raspberry seed oil has natural sun protection. The lovely scent of the balm comes from the anti-inflammatory Tansy Blue, vanilla, rose otto and sweet orange essential oils. This product has no water, emulsifier or wax in it and can be applied to the décolletage and face.

Klara's neckline cream is very rich cream suggested for the night. It contains the same active ingredients as the night cream, including collagen and hyaluronic acid. It comes in a bigger (50 ml) pump container for easy application. 

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Blue Balm

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Neckline Cream New

Discovered By Nature And Enhanced By Science.
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